Tecolote Films - The films of Eugenio Polgovsky

Tecolote Films fué fundada en 2004. It was funded in 2004 by Eugenio Polgovsky.

Cumplimos 12 años.

Contact: tecolotefilms@gmail.com

TECOLOTE FILMS is a mexican production company focused on the production of independent films.

Una productora de cine independiente mexicano.

Its inspiration and comittment is the production of films erupting from the EYES and connected to the HEART. Linked to the present, from that abstract idea that we try to understand, and to feel, that strange behave of the universe that we call, that we name REALITY.

We navigate time with open eyes and a digital camera. 

We look to find poetic-sounds/visual-instants when reality reveals its beauty and tragic condition, where humans exist, in this planet. These are the elements to deal in the cosmos we live in.

This could be the present of people that are ignored in the rural Guerrero or San Luís Potosí, or the urban areas of Mexico City.

The complexity and uniqueness, the beauty and horrible injustice face of reality inspire us to put the hands, heart and eyes to work, because we have faith, we belive in humans as a spark and a possibility of splendor, and cinema can be inspired and help, and enjoy, and denounce what happen with humans, to built a better world for ALL.

We deal with metaphores, and ambition to narrate the processes of constant reconstruction of this  FENIX bird, called TIME, it constantly regenerates from its ashes, from what we call: past, another ingredient for cinema.

Just there, memories and present erupts as a material for creation, to edit, to work with its colors and sounds.

Humans and its geographies, social issues, ecology, rivers, waterfalls, grandmothers, children, animals, craws, falcons, shamans with shark masks and pre-hispanic cultures that survive to globalization are our subject. Clouds and water. Silence and hope, Dream and stones, and volcanoes. WELCOME to TECOLOTE FILMS. att. Eugenio Polgovsky

The eyes and its communication of the feelings. VIVA EL CINE !

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  • Independent Films - Cinefotografía Digital = Edición no lineal OFF line editing *  Polgovsky Director de la maestría documental en el Instituto Serguei Einsenstein de México. Visiting Fellow in Creative Arts en TRINITY COLLEGE, Universidad de Cambridge, UK. Miembro Activo
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